about us

I am a professional gambler with many years Football betting experience behind me

I base my predictions on those years of experience and other common denominators such as form, skill rating, odds and systems that work.

I do well at this because it is my income at the end of the day.

The points system used is to be determined by yourself. I have started this period with £1,000 and every point I mention is £10 to me. You could of course start with £100 and every point mentioned would be £1 for you, maybe just to try it out and make sure it works.

I want this to be a fun way to help you make a profit and hopefully, in time, to make it your sole income.

This is not a get rich quick system. It takes time and devotion. If you are in any way inpatient then it probably won't work. But if we work together we can beat the system.

Profit after only 5 predictions +37 points- so at my percent of £10 per point, I am £370 up less betfair standard commission!

Not bad for 2 days worth of predictions.

Some of my terminology might be new to some of you, so I have created some sections to explain it all. You can find them in the menu or click on the link below.

For newbies among you there is an explanation of "Betting terminology's" & "Lay Betting" in our menu sections